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Immigration Attorney in Torrance, California

Marie A. Michaud Attorney at Law is a Spanish-speaking immigration attorney in Torrance, California, who understands the frustration of the immigration process. She held many different visas, and despite her best effort, found herself without an employer and legal status.
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However, because of her skills and knowledge, she managed to quickly find a solution to her problem and is now a dual citizen. Marie Michaud would like to help you find a solution to your legal troubles at affordable rates.

Firsthand Experience
Marie was not born in the United States and previously lived in Quebec (a French-Speaking province of Canada) and Japan. She studied in Japan, Canada, Guatemala, and the United States and mastered the English language while attending law school.


She became an immigration attorney in 2000 and opened her own practice in 2004. The majority of her clients are based on referrals and 80% speak Spanish. 

She really loves her work and finds it really rewarding to have a happy client with an approved case.


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